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Share the Love

by whitney on February 10, 2014

One of my favorite things about this whole wine deal I have going on is sharing the wines I love with my friends. I love seeing them perk up after a sip of something delicious. My friend Claire had her second annual Gal-entine’s Day brunch recently to celebrate all the ladies in her life. She put out quite the spread of savory tarts and quiches, a DIY garland station of beautiful flowers, and bubbly wine with fresh juice. Guests brought yummy desserts and other goodies. I brought wine, as per usual. My go-to wine for a daytime girly affair is pink pet nat. A new favorite is Stephane Serol‘s ‘Turbulent’, a super delightful gamay bubbly.

ladies love pink

It pretty much goes with anything. Savory quiche, sweet scones, buttery biscuits, sunshine…

We had quite the afternoon. Making garlands, drinking, eating, drinking, and playing a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Check out Rue Magazine for all the pics and Claire’s tips! You’ll also get a peek at Bottle Stock‘s new greeting cards.

bottle stock vday cards

Hope your week is filled with friends, love, and belly laughs. And wine. Duh.

Photos by Claire Thomas


Jambalaia & Lasagna

by whitney on August 12, 2013

Dinner with lady friends is always a good thing. It’s a welcome break from the grind and (duh) an opportunity to eat good food and drink yummy wine, all while talking about things like sex, interior design, and reality TV. Toby invited us over, Claire made a bangin’ lasagna, and I brought along one of La Clarine Farm‘s most recent releases- 2012 Jambalaia.

Hank Beckmeyer, winemaker/owner of La Clarine Farm, named this wine as such because it’s a throw these things in a pot and see what happens mix of white and red grape varieties (Grenache, Mourvedre, Marsanne, and Viognier.) The result was delicious! As is with a lot of Hank’s red wines, there’s a freshness and vibrancy, a purity of fruit, and a little mischievous spice or herbacious vibe. I threw it in the fridge for a bit to chill it down and really let that brightness pop.

I have no photos of the lasagna OR the straight up sinful cheesecake Toby made, because I’m an awful person. So you’ll have to use your culinary imagination. Love you!

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Whitney’s Wine Picks on The Kitchy Kitchen

by whitney on July 30, 2013

Every month, I’ll be posting a favorite sipper under $15 over on The Kitchy Kitchen. If you missed June and July, CHECK IT OUT already! Jeeze.

Photos by Claire Thomas


It Was the Bestia of Times

by whitney on March 7, 2013

…and it WASN’T the worst of times. For sure. I recently ventured downtown with two of my fav ladies to Bestia, LA’s new hot spot. Please forgive me for using the term “hot spot” but it just is. It is a spot that is hot. It was packed on Wednesday night, like most nights, and for good reason! The food is great, the wine is great, the drinks are great, the service is great.

My buddy Maxwell is the Wine Director and he has put together a very well edited little list. While waiting for our table to be ready, because of course it wasn’t ready yet, we hung out at the bar and popped open a bottle of Hungarian bubbly. Say what? Hungarian. Törley makes some delicious sparkling wine and their delicately sweet Fortuna is no exception. Extremely affordable and highly drinkable. Claire called it “ambrosial” and that is just about the most perfect description.

When we finally got settled into our seats, we got to ordering right quick. Three hungry ladies were ready to eat! First up were some perfect Santa Barbara spot prawns with charred spring onions. Shall I call this spot on? I shall. Shall I put charred spring onions on everything I eat from here on out? I shall.

In our glasses? Some Zanotto Col Fondo Prosecco. I really love this style of Prosecco. Col Fondo is the old school method of making Prosecco by fermenting it in the bottle and letting it hang out with all its residual unfiltered sediment. The result is a Prosecco with a bit more of a savory edge. And a DELICIOUS edge. Pla-dow!

That green stuff right there amongst the heavenly house-cured salumi? Magical mostarda is what that is. We don’t know how it got green and we don’t really need to know, we just need to eat it all the time.

Cavatelli with black truffle and sausage. ‘Nuff said.

A delicious evening all around!

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BHMF Video: Hip Hop Edition

by whitney on December 27, 2012

It’s been a hot minute since the last BHMF + Claire Thomas collab, but I hope you feel it’s been worth the wait with this one. We’ve paired wine to take-out, situations, and even neighborhoods. This time? Music! It’s all about the lady rap and wine pong. Take a frat party. Replace the jocks with hot ladies and the skunky beer with pink pet nat and we have ourselves a winning combo.

My thinking on the matter- Drake and all his bros are always rapping about Moscato. They should take a break from that and drink some of this instead. Can I be a wine stylist? I’m going to make that a thing.

Watch the video right here! Tip: Push play, then push pause immediately and let it load all the way before watching.

Happy New Year, players!


Love in the Time of Pink Wine & Donuts

by whitney on February 14, 2012

On Valentine’s Day I can think of few things better to do than sitting around a beautiful table with some lovely, talented ladies eating ridiculously good desserts and drinking pink wine. I could have overdosed on pretty…and I know I at least came close to a sugar coma.

Joy the Baker, The Kitchy Kitchen and I teamed up for a “Gal-entine’s Day” sweet feast for The Chalkboard Mag. If you want to see more pics, all the stellar recipes and what wines I brought along- head over here.

If you just can’t get enough, Claire made a darling little video of our pink girly extravaganza too!

Happy Valentine’s Day you loveable people you! Remember: don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or whatever.


Sippin’ on Wine & Juice

by whitney on February 8, 2012

This is the equation: Pressed Juicery juice + WINE = best idea ever.

Claire and I decided we should take something really healthy and add booze to it. That’s just what one should do.

Head on over to The Chalkboard Mag to see our juice & wine combos that’ll make your next party a little more virtuous…or your next cleanse a little more buzzed.

All photos by Claire Thomas


BHMF Video: Venice & Pow Blop Wizz

by whitney on February 6, 2012

What do Joy the Baker, Venice Beach, Pow Blop Wizz and some damn fine waffles have in common? The next BHMF Neighborhood video!

The LA neighborhood food and drink crawl continues! Claire and I touched down in WeHo then we rolled over to Venice for a Joy the Baker style afternoon. I paired a wine to the essence of the Venice that Joy lives in, the way she sees it. And she made some freaking incredible cornmeal and chive waffles with a fried egg and salsa on top. I mean, come on!

Wine: Olivier Lemasson “Pow Blop Wizz” (currently sold out in LA. sorry to be such a tease! anyone know if it’s available in NYC?)


BHMF Video: WeHo & An Aperol Spritz

by whitney on January 19, 2012

Claire and I are back at it again! This time, I’m pairing wine to…wait for it…

NEIGHBORHOODS. Neighborhoods in this fair city of Los Angeles, of course. In each episode of this series, I’ll be visiting a friend that lives in a different nabe and they’ll show me around to all their favorite spots. Then we’ll get down with some sort of vino that I think perfectly fits with them and that neck of the woods. First up? West Hollywood, playa.

Um, how handsome is Timothy? I’ll just go ahead and answer for you- super handsome. And he’s so stylish it hurts. Like, enough already Tim.

Wine: NV Sommariva Prosecco. My dear spritz friend. It’s under $15 bucks and darn good. When I make an Aperol Spritz, it’s always with this wine.

Check out all our previous videos here or on our Vimeo channel. Wanna know what our next video is? Pairing wine to Venice Beach with Joy the Baker! Stay tuned.


Sneak Peek: The Cheese Series

by whitney on November 21, 2011

Claire is busy at work editing our newest round of vids! Next stop on this food and wine pairing train? Cheeseville! Here’s a sneak peek….

Here we are chowing on some grilled cheese and throwing back some French cidre. Life was definitely good in that moment.

Stay tuned for all three of the Cheese series coming to a small computer screen near you soon!

{Update! Claire *just* finished the cidre video. Here it is!}

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