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by whitney on April 25, 2012

Here’s what I’ve been knocking back in the past week! Some Hungarian bubbles by way of Törley Gála at new resto Red Hill. Get into it.

Of the non-alc variety: a strawberry elderflower agua fresca at neighborhood favorite Forage. Yeah, that food wasn’t too shabby either. Pro tip- drink 1/2 of the agua fresca and refill with Pelligrino. You’re welcome.

Dug into some French vin while at Night + Market. I don’t remember what left these little snacks in the glass, could have been the Descombes 2010 Morgon I brought or the Domaine des Sablonnettes Le Bon Petit Diable Kris shared with us. Both most excellent.

“Visited” my old friend Bruno late Monday night with a glass of his 2004 Antece at Terroni. Fiano like you’ve never had it before. Have always loved this wine. Miss you boss!

I’m thirsty now.

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